Evan Hanson

Evan Hanson has been hooked on baking and cooking since she was a kid. As a young girl, she loved to bake brownies from scratch and watch her family and friends devour them with delight. That’s when she decided to become a baker. 


After graduating from Georgia Southern in 1992, life took Evan in other business directions and her baking career was pushed off to the side … but the dream never died.


Around 2013, Evan was asked by the owner of a Peachtree Corners restaurant if she would make the pastries for him. Although nervous at first, she was eager to return to her baking roots. She loved to bake – and was good at it!

The opportunity also gave her a chance to expand her ability to improvise and try new ideas. It ignited her creativity in the kitchen and led to the birth of her signature dessert. 

That happened when she received a box of cakes from a vendor and decide to turn the ordinary into the spectacular. She added some of her mother’s chocolate pecan brittle and some specially blended mascarpone cream and a chocolate ganache on top to create a melt-in-your-mouth masterpiece.

“One of the customers, who happened to be a friend, took a bite and said, ‘Wow, that’s heaven.’”

That’s how “Sweet Heaven from Evan” came to be. The dessert continues to be the most requested item on the menu at Evan’s Urban Market. It takes one forkful of the creamy, crunchy, soft delight to convert any skeptic.

Evan isn’t content with creating ordinary dishes. She’s known for adding a unique twist on common foods – perhaps turning vegetable soup into curry vegetable soup, making tamales with banana leaves like they do in Belize, or creating triangular breakfast tortillas instead of bland breakfast burritos. She likes to make it fun.


“I just love cooking and I just love baking. I just love doing it,” Evan says.

Evan and her twins, Zoe and Carter, live in Peachtree Corners.


From sandwiches, to baked goods, to local fare

Evan opened Evan's Urban Market in March of 2022. The market features a hot breakfast every morning (except for Monday!), fresh sandwiches, beautiful salads, delicious cakes and cookies, as well as pre-packaged meals in the cooler in case you'd like to heat up a hot meal for lunch at work, or serve your family a casserole for dinner - a great "grab and go" option! A coffee bar in the back keeps a fresh pot of Joe throughout the day. Evan also features a variety of products from artists and small businesses from the South. Evan's Urban Market is true community and an asset to Peachtree Corners.


The friendly faces that greet you

Evan's staff includes a close-knit group of ladies, that aren't afraid of rolling up their sleeves. Whether it's decorating a cake or serving up a bowl of soup, you're guaranteed to strike up a conversation and enjoy their smiling faces.